Winnie Winkle, December 31, 1952

Winnie Winkle, December 31, 1952

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Winnie Winkle has had a number of suitors over her decades long run. She married one of them, Bill Wright, in 1937, but that didn't stop others from cropping up. While Bill was around, her suitors' advances generally ended in fisticuffs, but the writers worked around this by having Bill "disappear" for years at a time. He was in World War II and supposedly died, but turned up alive years later. There were a couple times where he also was "killed" in mining accidents, though it turned out each time he just went missing for a few years.

During one of these intervals, a man named Tootsie Rocket appeared to try to woo Winnie. Tootsie was a star baseball player, but wasn't too bright, and Winnie was never interested in him in any way. We see him here begrudgingly helping Winnie out by watching her twins, Billy and Wendy. It seems his baseball exploits are not as exciting as he thinks they are.

Happy New Year, everybody!

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