Herman, December 8, 1957

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I posted a few Clyde Lamb Herman strips last year, but it's clearly been a long year because I completely forgot about that. So here's another one.

It reminds me of my time living in Jefferson City, MO. It's the capital of Missouri, but there isn't really much there except for a bunch of lawyers and politicians, who need to get where they're going as quickly as possible. As it snows there quite a bit in the winter, there were plenty of plows to take care of all of the snow. They got the job done quickly, too. I remember coming home from work once, and noticing a single snowflake falling from the sky. Immediately afterwards, I looked behind me and there was a snowplow going down the street, clearly ready for what was about to happen. Kind of strange, but I appreciated never having to worry about snow on the roads.