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Everything Comes Full Circle

To begin, a link to Flickr:

Alexa Meade’s Photostream

These are the photographs (yes, photographs) of Alexa Meade. Be sure to look at all of them. If you look at a couple of isolated ones, you may not believe that they’re photographs. They are photographs set up to look like they are paintings. The surroundings and the models are all painted in order to create the illusion.

All I could think as I looked at them was that everything had come full circle.

Every artist is aware of the quest of some to create artwork that is as photorealistic as possible. Many of us find this tedious and pointless, and find that photorealism lacks a certain something, a certain life that paintings that are less photorealistic have. Those with the patience and the drive, however, strive to create paintings that people may mistake for photographs. Some have succeeded.

Alexa Meade has gone the opposite route. She is creating photographs that people will mistake for paintings. Please go take a look. You won’t be disapp…