Out Of This World, December 25, 1955

Two people at a retail counter with Christmas decorations look up in shock at a robot. Behind the counter is a sign that reads "Gift Suggestions for Men." The robot says, "Something... inexpensive... for a scientist."

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Charles Addams is of course best known for his series of New Yorker cartoons, The Addams Family, but for a short while he also did a newspaper comic panel known as Out Of This World. It wasn't really that different from what people had come to expect from Addams, and had the same macabre humor as his magazine cartoons, although there are also some fantasy and science fiction elements mixed in. The panel unfortunately only ran from 1955-1957.

Here we have what appears to be a robot doing his Christmas shopping and looking to buy something for his... uh... father, I guess. There are many theories from various people about how we will know when an artificial intelligence is really sentient and thinks for itself, and isn't just parroting its programming. I think wanting to buy its creator a gift for an important holiday might qualify. Sure, the scientist could have just programmed the robot to go to the store and buy him a gift, but I like to think it was actually the robot's own idea.